As3 Eval 0.3

As3Eval is a library that packages the Tamarin ESC compiler to work within a run-of-the-mill flash player. It also includes a port of an early version of ESC to as3. That port is not currently maintained and is there primarily for historical purposes.

The folks at the Tamarin project have put in quite a bit of work on ESC. At this stage, most ecmascript 3 stuff is working, and a lot of actionscript 3 stuff is working too. On top of that, a bunch of new ecmascript 4 features are supported.

The library is licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL, although I haven't put the right headers on every source file just yet.

Play around with the demo to get a feel for it. It is recommended to use a Debug version of the flash player so you can see runtime exceptions rather than silent failures. The "Eval UI" tab has some UI to see generated bytecode, and to disassemble it. You can also paste the output of hexdump -C on a swf to disassemble it within the UI.

You can browse the source, download the source or download the SWC binary